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Launch a streaming service that you control. Stream without boundaries across all devices.

What We Do

What We Do

Premium Video Sites

We make it easy to get your premium content in front of viewers. You provide the branding and video. In no time at all you can charge for access to your content like Netflix, Patreon, Curiosity Stream, etc.

Streaming / Donations

Add live-streaming to your site and engage with your audience. Features like chat and donations are built in to Critical.Video. Increase viewer counts and monetize your streams without fear of censorship or getting cancelled.

Video Pipeline

Don't need all the bells and whistles? That's ok too! We have an awesome video pipeline and player. It's perfect for quickly getting your videos to your viewers at a much cheaper rate than most cloud providers or CDNs.


Critical Video makes it easy

Pick Your Monitization

There are multiple ways you can charge for your content. Recurring subscriptions, donations, pay-per-view, and more...

Supply Your Videos

Upload or live-stream your videos to us. Our system catalogs and distributes your video globally for ultra-fast viewing.

Focus On Content

We do the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on making your best videos. Use our built-in metrics to cater to your audience.

Our Numbers


Petabytes Globally


Locations Serving Videos Worldwide


Save ~50% Avg Monthly Technology Costs


Supported Platforms For Viewers



Built Out Of Neccessity 

This project started when we searched for a video pipeline and distribution system. We couldn't find any that were cost-effective or easy to integrate with. Even the Big Tech platforms were too restrictive on features and speech. So we decided to build our own.

After 3 years of cost optimization, dodging Big Tech, and focusing on the core features needed to operate a video paywall site, we ended up with what we think is the best formula for success.

All we wanted was an inexpensive way to serve video content that wouldn't pull the rug out from under us or demonetize our content creators. That shouldn't be too much to ask. So we built it ourselves ♥

Supported Platforms



Let’s Work Together

We eat, sleep, and breathe video. Drop us a line and we will do everything we can to help get your content to your viewers.

Thanks for submitting!

(213) 222-6549

901 Broadway #24210, Nashville, TN 37202

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