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Content Policy

Content Integrity

Critical Video will customize, modify, deploy, and maintain the technological infrastructure needed to ensure content delivery between viewers and content creators.

Critical Video will encode uploaded media into different containers, codecs, and formats to ensure optimized delivery.


Critical Video will not alter the nature, intent, or context of the media uploaded by its users. The only modifications Critical Video will make to media files uploaded by users would be in an effort to optimize delivery or file size. Like any encoding or transcoding service, attributes like color, framerate, and audio level may be slightly modified during the encoding process. If the user initiates clipping features via Critical Video’s administrative tools, then the start and end durations will be trimmed off in the resulting media.

Content Restrictions

By using any web applications, websites, mobile applications, or any software services on Critical Video platforms, content creators agree to abide by the following:

Users may not upload any content that

  • Incites or encourages criminal or illegal activities

  • Violates any laws or codes of the United States of America

  • Violates any copyright or trademarks (including but not limited to audio, images, or video)

  • Contains pornographic video or images

  • Promotes, incites, or encourages child sexualization

  • Contains or encourages targeted harassment

  • Contains information used for doxxing

  • Encourages or incites others to release personal information about any individual, group, or organization

  • Encourages or promotes any financial crime, refund, or chargeback schemes


Critical Video reserves the right to remove any content that violates these content restrictions. Critical Video may also end services for any content creator at its sole discretion.

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